Central Maine Auction Center is a multi-faceted auction company that specializes in all types of auction services. We operate car auctions for licensed car dealers and financial institutions in Hermon and Auburn. Our auction facilities boast secured storage lots, computerized cameras, engineered lighting, and an expertly maintained inventory analysis.

We provide 8 am – 5 pm unlimited access to your assets and a knowledgeable staff eager to accommodate your business needs. Whether those needs include repossessions, equipment auctions, sales, auction calling for real estate foreclosures, or vehicle auctions, our company will provide you with exceptional, professional service at competitive rates.

Central and Southern Maine Auction Centers conduct a weekly vehicle sale with three lanes of auction action. Related services include auto detailing, repossessions, fleet management, and storage. For about 30 years, we have provided our clients with quality service, a friendly staff, integrity, and the knowledge to get you the most money for your property.

Kevin Tilton, Owner/Auctioneer: Kevin, a licensed bonded auctioneer, graduated from the College of Auctioneering in Mason City, Iowa, in 1986. He began his career with Eastern Maine Auto Auction. A third-generation auctioneer, he continued his craft at Ben Tilton & Sons Auction, where he conducted livestock and equipment auctions throughout the State of Maine.

In 1997, while the Central Maine Auction Center owner, Kevin, expanded sales to include equipment and real estate. In 2006, his vision of a successful auction center became a reality as CMAC has grown to include a 16-acre facility offering many types of auctions, with weekly auto auctions and registering over 1,750 dealers and 500 cars per week.

Kevin’s 35 years of experience dealing with the public, corporations, finance companies, banks, and private business owners has provided him invaluable experience. A proud member of NAAA and Professional Appraisal Uniform Standards. He lives with his wife Cathy in Orland and has three daughters living in Bangor, Portland, and Philadelphia.

Catherine Davis-Tilton, Owner: Catherine taught math and science for many years but joined Kevin at Central Maine Auction Center in 2006. Together they have expanded the auction center to include equipment and real estate auctions for companies in all parts of Maine. Catherine manages the office but particularly enjoys Tuesdays and Wednesdays when she can visit with car dealers during the auctions.

Emily Tilton, Manager/Auctioneer: Emily comes to Central Maine Auction Center from the University of Vermont, where she earned her degree in Marketing and Communications in 2016. She is a licensed auctioneer, graduating from the College of Auctioneering in Mason City, Iowa, in 2012. Emily has worked at the auction since she was young. She has a strong tie to her family company. She specializes in real estate auctions.

Oliver Zubrick, Manager/Auctioneer: Oliver comes to us from Presque Isle, Maine, by way of The University of Maine, where he earned a finance degree. He is a licensed auctioneer, graduating from the College of Auctioneering in Mason City, Iowa, in 2018.

Jenny Williams, Repossession and Inventory Manager: Jenny has a management background and joined CMAA this year. She specializes in repossessions, inventory management and can assist you with your online buying. We are happy to have her as part of our team.

Crystal Duarte, Accounting, Titles & Floor Plan: Crystal comes to us from sunny California, where she worked at an auto auction out west!

Amanda Wallace, Floor Plan & Titles: Amanda comes to us from Howland, and she is always ready to help you with a warm welcome and a big smile.

Norris Oakes, Auction Rep: Norris is primarily an auctioneer. He also serves as a field representative for both vehicle and equipment auctions. Before joining our team, Norris farmed in Corinth with his three dogs, Billy, Bandit, and Buddy.

Travis Dyer, SMAA Dealer Relations and Coordinator: Travis sold used vehicles in Dallas Texas before moving back to his home state of Maine to work with SMAA on the wholesale side of the industry. He is from Presque Isle, Maine and has a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice from Husson University.

Nick McCann, SMAA Inventory Manager  

Dan Skofield, SMAA Dealer Relations & Auction Rep: Dan can answer almost all of your car questions! He is a field representative for our car auction.

Willa, Company Dog: Chocolate lab, will only work for treats.

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